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"There is literally nothing that can compare to the healing, love, grace and mercy that God offers..."

Before you read this testimony, I need to bring all the glory to the One who brought me to this place. I would not be where I am today without GRACE. To tell you my testimony is to tell you about God and the incredible healing that He was able to do in my life. For without our Father in Heaven, I don’t believe I would be here nor be in a place to share my testimony and help others who are in similar circumstances. And so, here I am to tell you my story and the grace, love and mercy through my Saviour, Jesus Christ.

In May 2012, my husband (at the time boyfriend) and I were twenty years old and found out we were pregnant. The whole time I was scared, nervous, confused and ashamed. Over the next fortnight, I made phone calls to counsellors, chatted online to people I hadn’t even met and I look back now and know that God was trying to reach me through a few people, but being of a debased mind at that point in my life, it wasn’t getting through. I remember one day I phoned an abortion clinic completely confused while making the appointment. The woman on the other end of the phone was trying to convince us that it was an ‘okay’ thing to do.

The whole time we were facing this decision, there was never another side presented to me. The only help that was offered to us was counsellors and places that affirmed the abortion, never any perspective from someone who didn’t want to go down that road, someone like me who was so scared and fearful. There was ‘help’ offered to women who went through with an abortion but no assistance and care offered to women who chose to keep their baby. All I wanted was someone to tell me what to do, I never felt more alone in my life. My days were filled with tears and despair, I was so sad. Even after I had made my decision to go through with the abortion, I was never confident or comfortable with that decision. It was the most painful thing I have ever been through, physically and mentally. And the weeks, months and two years that followed were some of the most difficult of mine and my husband’s lives.

In 2013, my husband came to know Jesus, His grace and forgiveness. A year later, my walls were broken down and I came to know the same forgiveness that my husband was given. To be forgiven for something so abhorrent, something so atrocious and heart breaking, there is literally nothing that can compare to the healing, love, grace and mercy that God offers. I truly believe that complete healing can only be possible with God. To be free from what happened, knowing that our baby is with our Heavenly Father whom we will one day meet and knowing we never have to carry the guilt and hurt from our decision ever again is something this world will never understand but something that is only possible with absolute faith in Him. And now I use my testimony to share of the healing that God has done within me and how He can help others who are facing the same pain. I don’t carry that pain or hurt with me anymore, I am at complete peace and I’m so grateful for God who met me where I was at, took me out of that situation and walked with me, all while I poured my heart out to Him. When you put God first, believe in the infallible words of Scripture, and honour Him in all you do, your life will change.

SHANI, Australia

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