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"How can we change the past? We cannot, but God can..."

"He turns our sorrow, guilt, regret and shame into peace, contentment, fulfillment and yes, Joy. How? By exchanging our personal truth about ourselves for His spiritual wisdom and truth of how He sees us through Jesus Christ. You cannot change yourself by what you think about yourself. You change by believing what God thinks about you."

- A woman's perspective

"Knowing that Christ’s sacrifice on the cross was God’s love for us transformed my life..."

"I always envisioned myself as a father, but not the way it had planned out. The abortion put a strain on my relationship with my partner and we grew distant. I felt responsible as I believed I had influenced her to terminate. Guilt continued to grow and it felt like it had destroyed my soul and mind. Distractions would temporarily help but I could not escape the weight of guilt as it was there when I slept at night."

- A man's perspective

"There is literally nothing that can compare to the healing, love, grace and mercy that God offers..."

"I don’t carry that pain or hurt with me anymore, I am at complete peace and I’m so grateful for God who met me where I was at, took me out of that situation and walked with me, all while I poured my heart out to Him. When you put God first, believe in the infallible words of Scripture, and honour Him in all you do, your life will change."

- A woman's perspective

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